Whether you’re a fresh start-up aiming to make an impact on the Italian market or an established organisation needing multilingual support for a crucial meeting, I’m here to help. Work with me for professional interpreting, translation, proofreading and editing.


Italian<>English and Italian>Brazilian Portuguese

Simultaneous interpreting

I interpret the speaker’s words as they are being said, working from a soundproof booth with a microphone and headphones

Consecutive interpreting

I sit nearby and interpret as soon as the speaker has finished speaking. There is no equipment required for this type of assignment

Remote interpreting

I support you on telephone and video conferences without you incurring any travel or accommodation expenses

Liaison interpreting

I form a link between two people or small groups of people for business meetings and press conferences


I stand or sit alongside you or a small group and whisper a simultaneous interpretation of the speaker’s message

I am available for assignments around and outside the UK


English/ Brazilian Portuguese>Italian

Attention-grabbing content

  • Marketing messages
  • Websites
  • B2B documents

Business documents

  • Reports
  • Speeches
  • Presentations

Proofreading and editing

Italian texts

Send reputation-critical content to the presses without having to worry about errant typos, press publish with peace of mind. My eagle-eyed scrutinising of your texts bolsters your reputation and takes the stress out of high-pressure communications.

75293 75293
Words proofread
65937 65937
Words translated
400 400
Hours of Interpreting
1825 1825
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